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Full-stack Developer (React)

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How would you like to start your mornings excited to go to the office? Imagine a modern open space where you’ll have the freedom to organize your day, as well as work closely with Marcel, our Full Stack Java Developer, Alexander our ASP.NET developer and so many other consultants working for different projects. You’ll find them in a light-up office space where coffee, fruit and breakfast could be waiting for you. But if you’re not a morning person (like me) don’t worry, the coffee will be ready for you in the kitchen, and we’ll ignore you until the dark liquid kicks in and you’re ready for a fist bump or a hug. 

Are you thinking: “What will I do in that office”? 

 You will support the customers during projects and consulting issues. You’d stand in the mud together with your customers. You’d do that with talented and experienced professionals who stand their ground in both business and IT. You believe in, and strive for, long-term relationships based on knowledge, experience, quality and reliability. 

You’ll be assigned to one or more of our client’s projects in the Telecom sector, Network Operators, Energy Supply market, Water Companies. You’re already thinking which one you prefer, aren’t you? 
Too generalistic? No worries. Your personal tasks will be (mainly):

  • Being responsible for the development of high-quality applications such as customer portals, workflow and operational applications. 
  • Overseeing the entire software stack on which the software is being developed, FE & BE
  • You are able to translate user stories into working products in accordance with the Definition of Done.
  • Preferably you also have knowledge of the traditional waterfall approach and the preparation of a technical design based on a functional design.
**Main requirements**

And now that you’ve maybe had a sip of coffee (or beer… I need one too), let me tell you what you need to be an absolute boss with: 

  • Having at least 3, 4 years of relevant experience.
  • You are a native or professional Dutch speaker.
  • You have experience with functional programming (Front-end and React).
  • You are excited and willing to work in consultancy projects across the Randstad area.
  • You speak Agile; Experience in working with and within scrum teams.

BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE! You are certified or have experience with:  

  •  Minimum of 3 years exp with at least two of the following: PHP / Java / J2EE / Spring OR C # / .NET or C ++ 
  • HTML5, CSS, XML, jQuery, Javascript / Angular JS
  •  Oracle or MSSQL or MySQL, PostgreSQL
  •  Version management such as GIT, TFS

Before you make your mind up, what do you know about this company, other than what you’ve already read? Well, we pride in working closely with charities, because that’s where four percent of our gross profit goes! We are also based in Utrecht, and we have over 50 wizards (consultants) working for our clients. If you want to be one as well, you must know that:

  • The salary ranges between 40K - 60K EUR gross per year according to experience;
  • You will get a Healthcare package, because Winter is Coming!
  • You also get a company car. 🛸 You didn’t think we’d make you meet the clients flying on pigeon, did you? 

Did you get this far and think: “Hmm...that sounds like me. OK, not all of it, but most of it. And the company is pretty cool, so I should see what this is about at least. But what do I do now?” PERFECT! That’s what I want to hear. 

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Full-Stack Development
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