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CONTRACTOR OPPORTUNITY: This role is to work as a contractor, which means you'll have to create your own company to provide services to a Client  - we provide help with this, don’t worry! 

Duration: 9 month (Flexible & Extendable)
Availability: Full-time

You’ll integrate an agile environment, being responsible for developing end to end solutions for our clients. You’re expected to contribute not only with your technical skills but also to share knowledge within the team. We expect you to be able to participate in different projects along time, working on a full-stack perspective and doing front-end/back-end according to the needs. 

Main requirements

  • Solid engineering background;
  • 8+ years of experience in a similar role;
  • A very strong technical background in one or more languages of choice (Java, Scala, Clojure, Ruby, Kotlin, Python, C#, Typescript, etc…);
  • Successfully applied some Agile/XP/Scrum practices and are enthusiastic about Agile techniques (TDD, BDD, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery);
  • Solid experience working on Object-Oriented Applications and/or Functional Programming;
  • Willingness to learn new technologies and move between different tech stacks;
  • Experience with unit testing frameworks like JUnit, MOQ, ScalaCheck/ScalaTest;
  • Fluent in English, written and spoken.

Nice to have

  • Experience on working predominantly using pair programming;
  • Familiarity with cloud-based and DevOps technologies and tools (AWS, Azure, Docker, Ansible, Puppet, Chef, K8s, etc…);
  • Previous experience using a Test Driven Development approach;
  • Availability to short-term traveling.

  • Flexibility and autonomy as you never experienced before
  • Competitive Salary
  • Food & Drinks 
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