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At Cloudflare, we have our eyes set on an ambitious goal: to help build a better Internet. Today the company runs one of the world’s largest networks that powers trillions of requests per month. Cloudflare protects and accelerates any Internet application online without adding hardware, installing software, or changing a line of code. Internet properties powered by Cloudflare have all web traffic routed through its intelligent global network, which gets smarter with every request.

About the team

We are a team of software engineers writing and running big critical distributed systems. When we deploy, we deploy on thousands of servers across almost 200 data centres all around the globe. We have recently moved to Kubernetes and we need help to push forward our automation and orchestration of our systems.

We believe solid automation and testing increases productivity and make engineers happy. We already have automation, CI pipelines and testing in place but we are looking for somebody to help us drive more projects in this area.

You will work on helping us improve our automation, tooling and replacing some of it with better technology. There is also the opportunity to help us writing Go for our distributed systems.

What you'll do

In this role, you can expect to work on automation and orchestration systems that deploy across thousands of physical servers. You will contribute directly to our orchestration, deployment and rollback plans, automation, operation, monitoring, alerting and troubleshooting. If working on non-trivial engineering problems to achieve reliability at scale excites you, you might be a match for this role. 

Main requirements

  • You have experience in Python and Go and feel comfortable working on Linux systems
  • You know what reproducible builds, immutable infrastructure and good observability mean
  • You have previous experience working with Kubernetes, Helm, Docker, Prometheus, Salt, Debian, Git, Python or Go.
  • You have exposure to containerization/clustering technology
  • You believe that a single point of failure is a thing from the past
  • We are open to all levels of experience, from junior to senior. We look for curiosity and creativity with a compromise on pragmatism
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