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We are a small community of characters with their very own backgrounds and stories. We love creative chaos as much as we love the strict order of data. We love exploring, winning, failing, friends, families, our offices in Frankfurt and in Lisbon, we love being together working and partying and we love combining all that to something unique that brings value to our clients of major european companies.

As a Web Frontend Developer you will be tasked with developing any solution which involves Web Frontend. These can range from traditional web pages to full-fledged webapps. We expect you to have a keen eye on highly performant code and the wisdom to create reusable UI components. Although you will work closely with your Team Leader on every stages of the development process, you are encouraged to make your own decisions on how better to proceed on a specific task. You are a pro active person, and we love that about you.

Main requirements

  • Between 3 and 6 years of experience working on web frontend technologies like HTML/CSS and Javascript.
  • Strong knowledge of vanilla Angular.js and Angular.
  • Knowledge of development tools like Grunt, Webpack, NPM dependencies, Git and other similar software.

Nice to have

  • Knowledge on hybrid app development (for e.g. Electron)
  • Knowledge on languages like Node.JS and/or PHP.
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rabbit mobile GmbH

rabbit mobile GmbH

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